The Hope Shines Journey

Hope Shines exists to create a stop gap to the overwhelming issue of poverty across the country of Rwanda, that became and even greater problem after the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi, where approximately a hundred thousand people were killed in 100 days. The Genocide Against the Tutsi left a dark mark on the history of the country and is still very much felt today. The Hope Shines journey began in 2007 when the founder, April Riegler, witnessed the struggle of poverty while on a business trip to Kigali, where she was working with partners at Gahaya Links for the peace basket project. It was through this valuable time spent in Rwanda when she decided to do more and leave an impact on those in need.

2007 - 2010

2007: Founder visits Rwanda and returns home to New York inspired and motivated to found Hope Shines as a US 501c3 nonprofit.

2008: Hope Shines partners with in-country NGO’s to design and run its first summer camp in the Gikondo sector of Kigali.

2009: Through country partners, Hope Shines is able to support 60 Orphans & Vulnerable Children with provisions for school fees, health insurance, and school supplies.

2010: Programs expand to offer more health and medical support by adding a medical consultant and food provisions to the children.