“I thank Hope Shines for all the work they are doing for our children. The few months my son has been in the program, he has shown a big improvement in his school grades by doubling his scores.”

Mama Yaselli

Hope Shines Parent

Basic Needs For Education

Basic Needs For Education

We believe that child development begins with recognizing any deficiencies in having their basic needs met. Our enrolled children and their families all live lives in poverty and therefore face hardships daily. Over 90% of the families only have a primary school education and are very limited on skills that make them marketable to hiring companies. Further, the cycle of poverty from previous generations in their families, has been passed down and further exacerbated by the 1994 Rwanda Genocide Against the Tutsi. Our primary role at Hope Shines is to only work with those in this extreme poverty category, identify their needs, address the basic needs, then build programs that further support them and enable them to improve their lives.

The Basic Needs for Education program was created to address the lack of the child’s most basic needs that would prevent him or her from attending school. This provisional-focused program breaks down all barriers the child faces and opens the door to being able to attend school and ultimately be given the opportunity to be educated. We start with this support then once the child feels cared for, they feel motivated and more confident to work towards success.

Our program offers the following:

  • Annual health insurance 
  • 100% of school fees covered for both primary and secondary schools
  • (Annual) 2 school uniforms, new shoes, socks, underwear, feminine hygiene supplies and products
  • Scholastic supplies: textbooks, pencils, pens, markers, notebooks, erasers, paper, scissors, glue, and book bags 

Program Impact


attendance rates since 2016.


secondary school and 27 primary school students.


families able to better provide for their family.
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