My connection with my child has made me more aware of the challenges she faces, as well as her resilience and determination to meet those challenges.



The sponsorship turns a rather anonymous gift or donation into a more personal relationship with some of the children and their families.


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One of our core values is the Commitment to Children. In all that we do, we will always put the children we serve as our top priority and do everything we can to provide an environment in which they can grow and prosper. Our sponsorship program is holistic and it funds the full needs of the child. We don’t just keep a child in school, we also provide the emotional and psychosocial support he/she requires and we reach deeper into the family life to address and support their needs, which ultimately improves everyone’s lives.

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How It Works

In the urban settings of Rwanda, at-risk and vulnerable boys and girls face unique daily challenges. The children suffer from a lack of positive role models, certain health-related complications, and they require academic and emotional support. This program creates a sustainable and dependable pathway for the child, which will in turn incubate their development from child through adulthood! Hope Shines invests in the lives of the most in need young children ages 7 years old and up. Your support is a lifeline to better opportunities for a child, one of which may not exist otherwise. Here is how it works.

Meet Our Children

Get to know our wonderful students! Click on a child to learn more about their background and hopes for the future. Begin to understand who they are.

Choose a Beneficiary Child

Once you get to know the children, you can choose who you would like to sponsor and then begin the process of sponsor set up. Choose to sponsor monthly or yearly. If you find yourself unable to continue support, simply contact us and we'll cancel your recurring payments right away.

Build Your Connection

Once you commit to sponsoring a child, we will contact you about your match and provide you with a packet of information about your child, the program, and what to expect. When your match learns of being sponsored, they are overjoyed and comforted in knowing that someone is on their side!

Meet the Kids


Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t donate money at this time but how do I get involved with this valuable work at Hope Shines?

There are so many ways to get involved with our work without just donating. Please visit the get involved page of the website to learn more about subscribing to our newsletter, joining our board of directors or advisory council, creating a fundraiser, signing up for Amazon Smile, or volunteering at an event!

How many children does Hope Shines care for and where do they live?

Currently we have 44 children enrolled at the learning center in Kigali, Rwanda with about 50% boys and 50% girls. Most children live in the Nyakabanda and Nyamirambo sectors of the city, which is in close proximity to the center.mpor invidunt ut.

You talk about holistic development of the children, what does that mean?

When we develop the children, we don’t just provide one provision as support because there are so many influences that shape the child. We offer basic provisions such as food, health insurance, and support with school fees and we also provide wrap-around support to the families through vocational training, food support, and psycho-social support from social workers and a parent’s committee made up of their peers. Addressing all the factors will yield a better outcome for the child and the family.

I will be traveling to Rwanda soon and want to stop in for a visit and a tour, can I do this?

Absolutely! We love to host tour groups or individuals throughout the year and the children love visitors. You can schedule your visit with us through our contact page or book your tour on the Get Involved page.

I want to sponsor a child but I won’t be able to write letters, is that ok?

A big benefit of the program for the children is to match them with someone that is willing to develop a relationship with the child over time. The emotional support that comes with this is vital to our overall efforts in improving the emotional health of the child. Although it is not a prerequisite to becoming a sponsor, it is encouraged to write at least one time per year if possible.

Where does my general donation go?

General donations are greatly appreciated and we put those towards the most needed priority areas. As the children grow and evolve, so too does the level of need. We direct general donations to high priority needs with over 80% of a donation going directly to the child and or the family.

Is Rwanda safe and easy to get to and how do Rwandese view foreigners?

Rwanda is very safe! Our US staff and student groups have been travelling safely every year since 2007. When you are a visitor to Rwanda, you are like family!

I’d like to learn more about Rwanda. What resources can I use?

There are many historical accounts on the country via the web and YouTube and you can find many statistics on the country via or or You can also refer to the book ‘Left to Tell’ by Immaculee Ilibagiza and ‘I’m Not Leaving’ by Carl Wilkens

Still have questions? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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