I used to eat rotten food sometimes to kill the hunger”

~ Hope Shines Child

Healthy Child Program

The Healthy Child Program

The Healthy Child Initiative is cross cutting with all of our programs. To reach the goal of successful development of a child, we must include and address the health of the child. Being healthy involves learning about how to live a healthy life then using discipline and resources daily to help accomplish this. Many of the children suffer physically and emotionally so addressing health for them involves caring for both challenge areas.

Hope Shines improves the health of the child through the program channels we’ve created and we work at improving it every year. If a child is healthy, a child can succeed.

The Importance of Caring for Yourself

Viewing health through the lens of a child that doesn’t have much can be daunting, especially for the child. We make great efforts in not only supplementing their nutrition and providing health insurance through our Basic Needs for Education program, we also teach them about food and nutrition, the importance of caring for yourself and others, and working to understand their traumas by means of a social worker; all done during our LEAD After-School program. Since this initiative’s inception, the children have physically measured healthier, built more hope and confidence in their lives, and have developed better self-discipline that helps them remain focused on healthy living. Healthy living will always lead to more abilities and happier lives.

Program Impact


Total Meal Served and Counting


Liters of Clean Water Consumed Annually


family members benefiting from improved health.
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