My upbringing is very similar to the Hope Shines students so I very easily relate to what they go through on a daily basis and no one is able to do everything on their own. We all need each other.


Hope Shines Facility Manager

My connection with my child has made me more aware of the challenges she faces, as well as her resilience and determination to meet those challenges. I’m confident my financial and personal support are well placed. Investing in her potential and her future wellbeing is a decision I’m grateful to have made.



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Born in 2008, Innocent is a humble boy living with his uncle who adopted him after his mom’s death in 2020. He stays in a one-bedroom mud house near the Hope Shines learning center in Nyamirambo sector of the city. His 5 siblings live elsewhere in the city and 3 are brothers and 2 are sisters, including Josiane, who is also enrolled at Hope Shines.  Innocent’s father died many years ago and as mentioned earlier, his mother died in 2020. From this hardship he doesn’t live a very stable life. His adoptive caregivers only carry part-time jobs and both suffer from alcohol abuse and a severe lack of education. Alcoholism in that family recently resulted in one of the caregivers leaving due to domestic issues.


Innocent is behind in school, currently only in Primary 3 (3rd grade) at age 13. Despite his challenge to catch up in school, he does enjoy it. He likes learning his native language, Kinyarwanda and likes the challenge of math.


He used to perform in the dance troupe at Hope Shines but as his home life got harder, it negatively affected his studies, which resulted in very poor performance in school. He became unable to manage his time for school. But, since he enrolled with Hope Shines in early 2020, he is already showing improvement and reaching his potential through the LEAD After-School program. During his free time, he likes to be with his friends and enjoys playing with them. When he grows up, he wants to become a pilot! Innocent is ready to shine!

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