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We Are Family at Hope Shines – By Frank (14 year old boy)

Since I joined Hope Shines, my life has been better and I seem to be happier. One thing I love about being at Hope Shines is the fun I have with my friends here. My friends Zidan, Salim and Amani like to playfully make fun of each other, even calling themselves funny names. Whenever they start playing that game, it is so funny to me and it reminds me that through our connection at Hope Shines, we are like brothers and sisters to each other! We use nicknames as a sign of friendship and love and no one gets offended.

The other reason I love coming to the Hope Shines center is because I learn a lot when it comes to dance steps and we play other games. I feel that through this experience and support of me and my family, I have more hope and my friendships are ones I will have for life!

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